How can guys be completely happy with a girlfriend when they see other more attractive women all the time?

I know they obviously are because its not only exceptionally beautiful women who have partners, but I keep wondering how guys can be completely satisfied with their partner when there will always be more beautiful women around who they could have a chance with. Why would you just stay with your girlfriend? (I always get insecure over this idea).


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  • They just are. I can theorize as to why, and I think men actually 'settle' in relationships more easily than women do. But basically when the relationship is good, it's not that big a deal. On the other hand if the relationship is shaky, and he has a shot at hotter women, it weighs on him heavily.

    Note that generally speaking when men cheat, they cheat with less, not more attractive partners than their main one.


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  • This is exactly why I would be scared to ever be in a relationship. I don't want a dude to settle for me.


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  • They are probably just as insecure about themselves as you are when they think if they have a chance with the beautiful women.

    But it also has to do with the fact that those beautiful women don't have the personality that you do which is more important than just looks.

  • From my POV (I'm single btw) u can be a 10 on looks but if ur personality a 2 then ur not worth my time and when u meet someone who u think is the bees knees personality and physical appearance, u will be satisfied physically and mentally (if that makes sense).. that's just my opinion anyway sorry if it sounded pretty weird ;))

  • How can you be completely happy with a boyfriend when you see more attractive and more successful men all the time?

    • For that reason though sometimes I wasn't. It's a horrible thing to think but it did go through my mind a lot actually

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  • Can't you say that for women? You're a woman, how do you feel about being tempted by more attractive men? If you think your partner would just drop you then why are you with them? You must think so little of them to begin with.

    • no im single now, I don't know the idea makes me a little insecure, when you see like really attractive girls talking to the guy you like/go out with, its kinda like.. well why would they like me when they could have her? I don't know its insecurity

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    • wow you've really helped me actually, I've never actually thought it through like that before until I was typing that message. I think that arsehole HAS given me a lasting insecurity (I never thought it had) wow... well I'm gonna try even harder not to feel like that, I don't want that guy having a lasting effect on my future relationships :(

    • No problem, sometimes just being asked a simple question can make your realise how simple the answer is. Its very unfair to judge your new love interest on the action of a previous. Men are not all the same, just as we are all different and its quite obvious that you know this. Even when we are intelligent and insightful people we can get caught up in silly thought processes.

      I hope things improve for you and you start to feel happier in yourself.

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