Help! Should I feel more for this guy after the first date than I do?

My friend set me up on a date with a guy who is very interested in a relationship with me. I've dated nothing but guys who arn't remotely interested in a meaningful relationship so I was attracted to the fact that he is, however my attraction to him is mild. I find him attractive enough, but I don't feel fireworks. I do like that he's kind and considerate.

He is 21 and I'm 26, we don't have too much in common, converation isn't too deep, and he is ready for a commitment. I enjoyed our first date, although he already got pretty affectionate, and I became concerned me because he apparently likes to bite during kissing, a lot.

Before the date he kept texting me leading up to the date expressing how I wouldn't like him, he doesn't find himself attractive and neither would I etc. etc. I assured him we would have a great time but he was so nervous and negative it turned me off.

Besides that I want to say I will go out again and give him a chance because I feel like maybe there is potential, but I don't know if my mild attraction to him is a sign that maybe we arn't a good match, or am I not giving it enough of a chance and i'll start to fall for him more if I go out a few more times with him? What do you guys think?



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  • Give it a second shot


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