Why does this guy still talk about me even though he rejected me?

Long story short, this one guy rejected me almost 6 months ago because I accidentally hurt his pride. Anyway, even though we haven't spoken together for 6 months now, I've still heard from mutual friends how this guy is still holding a grudge and has posted sayings about me on fb. I didn't believe it at first but I looked up his profile on fb and rightly so, he had posted several statuses about me. I know they were about me as he had written about the things we had spoken about, so it was quite specific.

now, my question is why would someone who rejected you almost 6 months ago still be holding a grudge and talking about you to mutual friends etc?


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  • He's still stinging about whatever you said or did. You really got under his skin

    • Haha, I think you might be right.. thanks for your input

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  • I'm going through something similar except mine is rekindling something in me and him but he refuses to clearly state his intentions. I wonder why? Do u still have feelings for him? Maybe he can sense it or maybe he developed feelings for u after he matured a bit.


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  • Something about what happened between the two of you bugged him. You could just confront him about it in person and get a reason.

    • I have tried texting him since then to clear everything up but he just ignores me. The last time I tried texting him, he ignored my message for five days so I gave up.

    • Ahh. Well in that case you should probably just let it go. I don't see any good outcomes here if you go any further. Did you two get into an argument? What was his reason for rejecting you?

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