Should I go on a second date?

So my first "date" ended Just now and I almost feel guilty. We have met once before in addition to texting eachother for three days

So we dont know eachother that well, but he seems like a really cool guy+ he is cute. He doesn't say that much tho, but it might be because he's shy or Just because he's a reserverd person.

We made out and we cuddeled for 1-2 hours.. it was nice, but I didn't really feel nervous or any excitement or anything like that. It was nice and all, but that was it "nice"

I dont know if I should see him again or not...


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you kissed him and Hugged for a long time and you think he's a nice guy then you should date him why would you even wonder about another date?

    • Well. . Yeah. . I dont know.. I guess im was expecting butterflies or something

    • Sleep on it and make your mind up Wed night

Most Helpful Girl

  • Your first date sounds SO much better than me and my boyfriend's first date :P and now we are so close and I love him so much even though I wasn't sure when we had our first date. Wait for a bit and if you don't think he is right then tell him, but maybe give it more time because you will get to know him better and maybe you will decide you really really like him then. That won't happen if you don't see him again!

    • I guess I should go on one more date

    • Well you know the guy so you know what is best!

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  • If you don't know how are we supposed to


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  • I don't think you should.


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