Is this wrong by any means?

So, I'm being my best friend's wingman to get with him with this girl he likes. The problem is that people think I have no skills in getting any girl. Like how can I be a wingman if I can't get a girl at all.

The other problem is need to be very detailed. So, even though I'm my best friend's wingman, I actually likes the girl I'm trying to get him with. Like, I want him to get with the girl because he liked for about a year and only talked to her a few times. People even say he and the girl would be a perfect couple with no explanation, but has an explanation for me. I have way more trouble getting girl than talking to them. I don't want to ruined it for him. but I want her too. I'm always loyal to my best friend and he's loyal to me. The girl barely knows me, but knew my best friend more. If I did help him, she would most likely say yes to him. I remember she said yes to this boy who was a follower to everyone. So, of course, she would say yes to a kid who is the fastest in the school and is slightly more popular than me. But, if she rejects him, than it would be weird for the wingman to ask the girl out instead. What should I do?


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  • Speak out then


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  • If he gets rejected just wait a month or so and tell him you want to make a move on her.

    • Problem is when I'm alone and do it on my own. I just get stiffed and don't know what do. I been rejected a lot of girls and never had a successful girl. If she did rejected me, then she's shallow and low as the other girls that rejected me. Because, the boy who is the follower had swag, but trying to get it from other boys. And everyone say that my best friend looks exactly like me, so as the girl.

    • Just take the chance. And relax when talking to her. Don't think about what you are going to say just say it. And think of it as a game, you have to get her to smile and laugh as many yimes as you can. You will know you won when you ask her out.

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