Should I get her a birthday present?

So i'm trying to decide whether to get this girl i've been seeing a birthday present. It's not official yet or anything and were taking it slow. I took her out the other night which was definitely the most 'significant' date we've been on. In terms of the birthday present I would like to get her something but don't want it to come across as being too keen or rushing things.

Any advice or suggestions would be great! Thanks :)


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  • Get her a moderate bunch of flowers (nothing too flashy but still show you care) and offer to take her out sometime for a birthday meal if she would like that. Play it cool, it shows that you're intersted but also it's nothing too heavy. Good luck!

    • Sounds good, thanks :)

    • The only thing i'm worried about but, is cause i took her out only a couple of nights ago and we've made the 'no label on the relationship' and 'taking it slow' stuff very clear for now, do you think say a bunch of flowers would be too much given that we had a pretty 'major' date only a couple of nights ago?

    • It's old school and the best trick in the book, just float the idea about taking her out to celebrate her birthday and see how she reacts then depending on that reaction, get her some flowers.

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  • Send her chocolates, and a card.

  • go for it! something small.

  • There's always the classics: Flowers and chocolates (or a candy she likes or a fruit bouquet if she doesn't eat candy). Another safe bet is a gift card to one of her favorite stores.


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