Is there a thing in dating where someone is not a regular friend but not a crush either?

I've realized that compared to everyother girl she doesn't treat me like the others. Usually other girls never touch me at all and are very polite and congratualte me on my abilities.

Her she is always playful, tries to tease me and fake insult me, tries to cuss or seem "older" and she ends up just looking cute instead cause she seems afraid to say it lol. She will never compliment me without a catch or saying something back. She always says things like she doesn't want me there or doesn't want to talk to me but she never means it. We kinda mess around like little kids lol. To be fair I kinda treat her the same.

Its just when she she doesn't do it I get really affected cause I think she doesn't like me cause I've gotten used to talking to her everyday. For example today she barley talked to me, still casual convos. She looked like she was tired and distracted and I learned she slept really late but during that whole time I couldnt keep myself from thinking of the worst possible situations. Im afraid to try anything cause I dont want to loose her. I end up being un romantic like patting her on the head or something. And when she pointed out that she noticed that I tease her about everything and looked me in the eye I had a slight panic thinking she could know I like her o. o... I dunno I just dont feel like I fit in the regular friend category or crush to her. Someone wanna elaborate?


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  • I personally recommend you to talk to her about how you feel. And i'm almost sure that she likes you, definitely tell her you think she's girlfriend material by flirting with her, and like i mentioned before, pour out your feelings towards her.

    • I've never told I girl I've liked her... how would I go about doing so? :/ I dont wanna loose her and I think she sorta thinks I have an interest in her?

    • Don't be too straightforward, let your actions speak for you. Do little things that'll give her butterflies, like look at her deep in her eyes, "accidentally" touch her hands, smile at her, but don't look like you're thirsty for her, and don't be too kind. That, my friend, is game. ( not that love is game, but a reference to knowing how to make a spark with a girl)

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