Is there something bad about liking a guy who is very into money/making money?

The guy I am dating.. I'd say his highest value might be making money. He has other great characteristics, but he really just wants to make tons and tons of money in life. I'm not used to dating guys like this... so I'm nervous that it's bad. I guess that's why we date?


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  • Dating is about getting to know someone. He's very materialistic and that will never change

    • The odd thing is that he is actually very cheap! I guess I don't know what even does with all of the money he makes.

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    • what if neither parties are god believers? I think it's a dad/family issue. his family wasn't nice to him growing up... and I partially feel like he has to make it up to his dad or something to show that he is good enough... something like that.

    • His priorities are all wrong

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  • It's has pros and cons. He might make his work priority and not make u feel like ur #1. He might talk about money so much that it's annoying.
    On the upside its nice to b able to get and do nice things...

    • Yeah, I worry he'll make his job number 1. I think that's my biggest concern. Yep, and sometimes hearing about how "plebeians" make 100k gets REALLY old.

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  • i dont think thats wrong at all.


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