How to talk to him?

So I like this guy and I want to know how to communicate without acting like a fool. Can anyone tell me somethings I could say to him I'm 13 and struggling with a crush. We aren't good friends, pretty distint (because I have no clue how to speak lol). If anybody has any suggestions, you know something that could apply for a 13 year old please share. Also I really like him, not just some little thing I guess you could say its huge but that's up to you.


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  • Ask or talk about things you have in common like school. Favorite subjects teachers etc. Then span on other topics like favorite songs

    • thank you ill try that tomorrow when i see him in school any other suggestions as well? :)

    • Favorite movies, books you've read, games, would he mind teaching you a game

    • wow that is a good one thank you

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