Boyfriend in Navy... starting to doubt relationship, I need help?

I had been with my boyfriend for only 3 months before he left for Navy training, and it has been approx. 8 weeks since he started it. Obviously our relationship is very new, but it was also very strong before he left. We both fell for each other very quickly because we were fantastic friends.
He got email access finally about 5 weeks ago. At first he was emailing me nonstop, almost everyday I heard from him. They would often be just a brief story of how his day went, and a lot of times they were heartfelt. The past two weeks I only got two emails, and these have been the LEAST busy weeks since he started. In those two emails he didn't have much to say since not much has been going on other than studies and PT. He even said he's had more free time than usual. But he never once asked how I was doing, since I just got back to school and all, and didn't say anything heartfelt, not even an "I miss you". Meanwhile I've been still sending him emails he never responds to saying how I hope he's doing well and miss him and stuff. I've been trying to hard to make this work, and it feels like he suddenly has given up on trying.
I know he's probably just upset, tired, and I know he is busy during regular training hours, but I feel totally neglected. My biggest fear since starting on this journey with him is that I'm wasting my time... It's always in the back of my head that he might break up with me after he's done with training, and that I will have ended up spending so much effort on someone far away when I could have been meeting new guys here at school. I guess that is heightened due to the fact things have been weird between us the past two weeks.
Should I tell him how I feel or should I just wait it out until I see him again in 4 weeks?



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  • Tell him how you feel

    • Should I tell him how I totally feel (about wasting my time) or just say I don't really know whats going on and whats wrong?

    • How you totally feel

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