Girls, how to talk to a unknown girl in college?

Im back in college after a long summy and keep seeing some girl in the canteen with her friends. I literally can't stop thinking about her. Now being a super sky guy who has never even kissed a girl before im way to scares to go up and talk too her. Especially when she with a grpupd of friends. I would really love some advise here or some tips. How would ye girls like to be approached?


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  • First, I think you should definitely talk to her while she's alone. Second, a simple compliment would be enough to get something going. Like if she's wearing a particular band shirt for example, you could compliment her and make a comment about a band, etc. If you think you'll see her again and you're too nervous to give her your number just say something like "I'll see you around!" If you have a good feeling, you should ask her if you could give her your number. I'm actually in kind of a similar situation. This guy I don't know always stares at me, but he never makes a move or even smiles and I'm always by myself. Could he be just nervous like you?

    • Thanks this is great advice. And yes I think this guy likes u. He might just not think he is good enough for u or that u are probably not single. He fears the rejection like most guys I guess

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  • I'm not a girl, but I can give you a few pointers. Ask some people you know to find what kind of girl she is and what she likes. Then, if feasible, I would try to participate in those activities. Its always easier to approach a girl if you have a context and its not out of the blue.

    • Well yeah i guess but what if she doesn't do activities. My friends don't know her. Plus i hate too admit itbut she looks like she is way out of my league.

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    • Haha okay ill try and see what I can do. I think I'll work on myself first. I have never chatted a girl up before so I should work on my confidence first perhaps.

    • here is a tip: Go lift some weights a few hours or the day before. The Dopamine you'll get from the exercise will keep you calm and the testosterone will increase your self-confidence.

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  • get her when she is alone, so when she is walking to class (that's if you are able to find her and know where she will be), just make it look like a coincidence. or just approach her while she is with her friends, i know most guys find that scary, but really, once you leave you can look at her friends reactions and hers which will tell you how she feels about the situation.

    • Thanks. I'll try too spot her when she is on her own. Yeah it's scary too approach her when a she with friends. Plus I have never approached a girl before so it's so scary for me. But I might have no choice but to approach. It's what u gotta do to get noticed I guess.

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  • I really wouldn't recommend going when she's with a group of friends. She's bound to be alone at some point.


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