Guys, if I choose to stay single until he is ready for a relationship, will he think more of me or less of me?

This guy was an acquaintance for years while I was in a long term relationship. When my ex and I broke up he started chatting with me daily and we got flirty with one another. He has shown interest in me but he is shy, and also has circumstances in his life that make him feel unready to be in a relationship right now. He still talks to me every day though and is somewhat affectionate. However I want a relationship with someone, and wish it could be with him. I don't want to be very pushy so I give him the space he needs, if he does... And I am willing to wait until he is ready if he would like to start a relationship at some point, but he doesn't expect me to wait around (despite getting jealous of other guys talking to me). He is all I can really think about and as much as I'd like to try to date other guys, I only find myself wanting it to be him. He seems to like me back, but will my waiting for him to be ready de-value me (as in, will he think it's sad that I stayed single waiting to date him) or will he find this reassuring and nice?


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  • What he thinks doesn't matter. Don't ever put your life on hold for a maybe or if. You could miss out on all kinds of things and be waiting the rest of your life

    • I am afraid of wasting time on something that may never happen, but I am also worried that if I do choose to start seeing someone else, he may become available and I would be wishing to be with him instead. I've been in two relationships of 4 years each and a few other short term relationships, and after all that I really feel like this guy is what I've been looking for. I guess I'm stubborn AND foolish to just want what I want, and thereby ignoring all other possibilities out there.

    • If he wanted to be with you he would be. It seems every guy a girl wants is shy on this site. Bullshit, they aren't shy they're not interested

    • Hahaha I like the brutal honesty! I know what you mean... In this situation I feel he was interested at least a bit- we have spent time together and though he was very nervous/quiet, he did pay for me, bought me a gift, kissed me and then texted me after he left to tell me how much he liked spending time together. We mostly talk online though because of distance. However, you are right on some level... Even if he was interested, he isn't interested ENOUGH to make anything happen. I just need to be smart enough to move on. Thanks for the feedback

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