My boyfriend called me cheap because I talked to a guy in an online game, in a public chat room?

We were playing this game together and I was losing all the time, so he used to make fun of me and make silly annoying jokes, couple of days later I was playing with a random guy from the site, and he was winning just like my boyfriend, so I asked how you guys do that?
I asked him to help me, so he did !
He explained it to me and was losing on purpose so I can learn the game.

The second day... my boyfriend wanted to play against me again, this time he was telling jokes tooo early before the game... I won, so he asked how I managed to be better than yesterday ! I told him some guy was nicer than u and instead of making fun of me he taught me !!

He said " wow, you are such a CHEAP girl ! How could you talk to a guy you don't know? U played together then he taught u the game? Are you that easy ! Did you give him ur phone number yet? What an easy girl to get ! I don't know about u, but u r a cheap girl to me"

I got mad and I asked him to stop talking then left the place !

And we didn't talk since.

Does he have the right to call me cheap and easy to get... just because of that, he is the really jealous type which drives me crazy !

How should I respond now? What should I do?


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  • I met a cool chick who's now a close friend in gta 😀


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