Why is race such a big issue , Especially when it comes to dating?

Im an African American female and i was talking with my dad and I have ethnic Preferences (white) I will date any race but its just what I prefer... but my dad told me how I can be friends with them (white people) work with them but I can't date or marry them because they will forever and always see us as beneath them and I asked him what if I just happen to marry someone who is white he said he wouldn't come to my wedding (I doubt it though I think he was just saying that because he thinks I think white people are better than any other people.. which I don't at all)! Crazy thing about it all is that I have a lot of white people in my family who have made awsome mixed children I mean I don't see the prob
And for all the people who didn't read it fully I don't want a white man just to give me mixed children I just emphasized that some people in my family loved each other so much no matter the racial differences and had some awesome kids -_- don't assume /put words in my mouth if it's no stated in the above text ^
Thank you awesome people


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  • In order to understand why race is a huge deal in this country you need to take look at the history of America. America was a country that was built off of racism and the idea that certain races are naturally beneath others. This belief lead to many things such as slavery, segregation, discrimination, riots, lynching, rapes, murder, police brutality, whippings, forcing blacks to stay in low income neighborhoods (aka ghettos/ The Hood) and various other things.

    Your father most likely have those beliefs of his because he is a product of his time where racism was probably rampant and openly public. Your dad doesn't seem like he hates whites, but he's definitely mistrustful of them and especially when it comes to one of them dating his daughter.

    Anyway don't pay him no mind. Interracial relationships are extremely common especially if you live in an urban area so it's not that big of problem like some make it out to be.


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  • Your dad is just stuck to his ways and thinks he knows what's best for you (don't all parents!) If you brought a nice respectful white guy home who treats you like royalty then it will probably change his opinion. He may just be saying all that to scare and influence you and I'm sure at the end of the day, whoever you end up with, he will respect your choice and just be happy that you're happy.

    • Thank you <3

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    • You're totally correct

    • Thanks for MH. Not surprised to see someone being so quick to judge you because you briefly mentioned mixed race kids to put your point across. Makes me sad that people are so driven to be negative, you can't help who you're attracted to, it's so idiotic. Do what makes you happy. ❤

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  • You are correct. Don't let other's people opinion of you become your reality. Date-Marry who you want. Its a free country.

  • Because there are still a lot of bigots running around. Just look at the number of people opposing the legalization of gay marriage (and I thought that was an obvious decision).

  • "Why is race such a big issue, Especially when it comes to dating?" Because everybody wants to keep it in the family (their own race) when they fail to realize that we're all 1 big happy family (human race) + you also have to take into account that ___ parents told them all kinds of racist bullshit about this or that race in an effort to brainwash them into only liking their own race ^_^.

    But then again that only seems to happen with the older generation. Since they grew up in an era of racism (openly) or where interracial dating wasn't as accepted much back then as it is now.


    • Problems only arise when you get those types of people causing unnecessary problems or allowing what their parents told them as a kid get in the way of what they see today when it comes to ___ people ^_^

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  • So you just want a white guy so he can give you mixed kids? Anyone can have sex and make a kid it's not really that hard. You have a lot to learn. Some things you may have to learn the hard way unfortunately

    • No I do not what a white guy to give me mixed children -,- I don't see the part where I said "I want a white guy to give me mixed children" I emphasized the fact that the people in my family even though there's racial differences they love each other and even made some awesome kids together before you comment just read...-_-

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    • I never assumed you said anything I clearly asked in the form of a question? You are just too immature and sensitive to see that lmao

    • *i asked you if you only wanted a white guy because of mixed kids and I asked it in the form of a question. I never assumed anything in my answer

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