What's actually mr. A intention? And should I still hangout with mr. N? Because he invited me to hangout in the weekend?

I met a guy on tinder lets call him mr. N last week
and end up meeting him and some of his friends in his restaurant
but i got so drunk and comeback early
i left my phone there and took that the next day which lead me to meet mr. A friend of mr. N
i wasn't paying attention to him at first as i don't remember that i met him the day before
mr. N was ignoring me the whole night and i didn't know why because the night before he was so caring
i wait until mr. N business finished but he end up leaving me there with the reason that he was tired
i was upset and this guy mr. A ask me to go to the club with the other guy which i agreed because i was so upset
and then we need to take his car key to go there in his apartment , one thing lead to another we end up having sex and i enjoyed it so much
the next morning i insisted to leave early as i thought it was only lead to one night stand but he insisted for me to stay and make a breakfast and stuff
and he said that he already has eyes on me since the first night he saw me (the night i was so drunk)
he invite me to go the pool which i rejected because i don't want to see the other guys and fyi they live in the same apartment building
The next evening the guy that i met on tinder said he was sorry that he left me because he was so tired and asked about how was it with the other guy
which i said nothing happened between me and him
Mr. A also admitted the same thing that nothing happened between us
so i thought between me and mr. A was just a one night stand
and then the next day he invited me to his place again and make a dinner for me
we end up having sex , only once though
and that day is more like a romantic and chill night instead of a passionate night which it should be
and then i left his apartment in the morning which he said i don't need to he said i can stay but i don't want to
I texted mr. A to go to a nearest club on Saturday night but he said that he already made plan with his friends to another club and didn't invite me, so do you think he's not into me?


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  • Mr. N has an asshole as a friend. Its Mr A job to tell his friend he is banging his date. As what are his intention, go figure. Sex? Romance? Too soon to know.

    • Mr. A said he just knew mr. N for a month
      But mr. N said that he know how mr. A is that is why he asked did i bang mr. A
      So it's kinda confusing i mean i got the impression that mr. A is kinda a bad boy but the way he treated me doesn't seems like he's an asshole at all
      Should i keep continue meeting one of them?
      Thanks for the opinion by the way
      Every single comment help me choose my decision

    • Thats up to you. I would'nt get too emotionallly attached to either if I was you...

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