Why I am always the single one?

I have been single for almost all my adult life. Guys say I am beautiful and I believe so, and many times I have guys flirting with me from their cars or in the street. But when it comes to finding a non-player serious guy, I have a very hard time.

I have had inly a very few relationships in my life. I was the busy studying girl until my graduate studies. There were times I was completely unaware of my beauty. I always thought I was not interesting to guys, and this changed later.

Now what disturbs me is that I am the only one in the circle of friends who is single. This makes me feel uncomfortable and singled out.

People keep asking me why I am single and I pretend it's Ok with me, but it's not.

I stated to believe God doesn't have plans for me to get married.

I feel bitter especially after a guy I have always hoped he makes the first move -we are friends but I suspect he likes me- didn't say anything.

Why do you think I am single?


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  • I can feel your desperation , but letme tell u a few things to do...
    1. pray - pray to lord, to send the right man for u, trust me it works like wonders.
    2. try to send non verbals signs of attraction like eye contact, opening ur body, standing near him, not at bars, but at churches and religious place and charity events, because those are the places where u meet quality guys.
    3. try to obsever guys, if u like certain traits in a guy, try to talk to them,
    if ur showing u like them doesn't mean u are desperate for sex, it just lets u open conversation with u,
    best of luck
    Sources :-- got my girl after 25 years of my life on earth, she was my first girlfriend, i lost my virginity with her, i was in same condition as u, i believed there is no girl in my life, but then lord sent her,
    i did all these things, and hope it works for u as well.

    • Thank you for your response. I am glad you gound someone you are happy with. I really don't know, but you're right about 2- sometimes I don't want to come off as eager or desparate- so I avert my eyes from the guy or so.

    • I was exactly like u, i used to shut down all women becoz i used to think that they all will cuddle with me and someday they will dump me...
      but god sent me my angel, it can happen to u too sweety.
      just do those things i said, and have PATIENCE, thats the key.
      im sure god will send the best guy in your life.

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  • Well, at this point, with women getting married so much later nowadays, there are plenty of younger, more attractive women available to the men who might otherwise be interested in you.

    There are young women all over the place a guy can start a relationship with who will remain near the peak of their sexual attractiveness for a larger percentage of the relationship, have on average slept around less than a single woman five or ten years older, are less jaded about men and relationships, and aren't panicking about their biological clock.

    To compete with them you offer... what?

    Figure out what it is you can bring to a relationship that makes you a desirable option. Women love talking about what they're looking for in a man, but rarely do they make a case for why the guy they're looking for should want them. Hint: the answer is not sex. Because, again, there are single attractive women all over for men to get sex from these days, in addition to the massive amounts of porn to get off to.

    Figure out what would make you a good partner, play to those strengths, and target men who are likely to value them.

  • There're many beautiful girls who always claimed themselves to be single, no guys want to pursue them. But at the reality is, some beautiful girls have set a high qualification on the guys, while at these ages, many guys have been pursuing these girls and being kept rejected OVER N OVER AGAIN.

    When the beautiful girl reached 30s onwards, she wonders why she hasn't found ''the one'' yet, it was because she has set high standard for herself in the previous years. She has dropped in terms of her sexual market value, which means that guys in 30s has changed to pursue younger women but not them.

    • I don't think I have really set high standards, just normal things like attraction.

  • Have you even put your self out there?
    Do you even give people a chance?

    A lot of the girls I have been on date (s) with have told me I give off a bad boy or a player vibe but when they talked to me that perception changed.

    Luckily, they didn't shoot me down before even conversing with me.

    • I may have ruined my chances a few times, but I have tried my best and even dated guys who seem players - for only a short time- it just proved to me most guys are players or after money.

  • God has forsaken you


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  • You are too all work/no play. It'll be hard to meet a guy if your heads always in the books.


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