Waking up thinking about someone anxiously?

I was dreaming last night, and I woke up all of a sudden thinking about this guy and needing him. I wasn't even dreaming about which was weird. I met him three days ago. The day I met him I dreamt about him. I never even dream about friends or boyfriends, which is weird. When I met him there was an instant spark to be honest. I probably won't see him for a long time. Which sucks. But the way he looks at me is just beautiful to me


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  • Did you go through a break up recently? Last time I went through a break up, I became obsessed with someone for a while. It was like my brain was trying to fill the void she had left. I was aware of what was happening. Somehow she was my rebound. I would wake up thinking of her or even dream of her. Is it what's happening?

    • No I didn't go through a breakup

    • Then it's just lust. It's part of being human. We are nothing but evolved animals. It happens to everybody and about different things...

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  • I have no idea what that is, but something similar to it has happened to me too. If someone tells you, please let me know.


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