Ugly Girls?

Why does it seem like ugly girls usually hang around other ugly girls and the latter?


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  • When girls are not attractive, they are usually seen as the unpopular girls that no one likes. People tend to not want to be around them because of thier physical appearance and they are usually the one that get picked on or bullied in school. Usually when kids and teens are bullied in school, that lowers their self esteem and self confidence. Now if all your life, you are seen as the "ugly girl," that sort of makes you reluctant to want to hang out with pretty girls because you worry that they might not accept you because of your looks, so you just stay close to other "ugly girls."

    When girls are "pretty", on the other hand, everyone likes them, and everyone wants to be around them because they are "pretty". Some of them--not all of them, just some--become very stuck up about their looks and think that since they are "pretty", they are better than the "ugly girls". Because of this, try not to make friends with "ugly girls" and even if they do, they refuse to hang out with them in public. Then there are some "pretty girls" that only hang out with other "pretty girls" because "ugly girls" are just reluctant to hang out with them because a lot of them just think that all "pretty girls" are stuck up snobs that don't want any "ugly friends".


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  • Birds of a feather fly together

    People tend to hang out with those that are similar to them


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  • Because pretty girls are under the mistaken impression that the random act of genetics that gave them a pleasing face also made them better people. So they spurn others.

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