Girls, 7/10 appreance wise thoughts?

I have been given a 7/10 "appreance wise" girls what does this mean am I attractive? Also girls call me "cute" does this mean I'm attractive? If girls around my age use cute to describe me does that mean I have a chance to ask someone out on a date?

Let eg me know your thoughts :)


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  • for sure! a 7/10 is definitely attractive.

    And if girls are calling you cute that can be a really good thing.
    It means that they see you not just as some hot guy but someone who is funny, has a great personality and is generally a good guy. It encapsulates more of who you are as a whole.
    I reckon if you want to get a date though, definitely keep that 'cuteness' but if there is someone you like and want to go on a date with throw in some more flirting that can't be mistaken for just being a friend.

    hope that kinda helps :)


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