He has introduce me to his friends but we all never hung out, does that count as meeting his friends?

I have met his bestfriend / house mate a few times while sleeping over and we had lots of laughs but we never do things outside as group.

I have also met his sports team mates as he now always take me to watch him play sports, it's obvious to them that we are dating as he would give me kisses on my cheek and forehead in public. His team mate even asked me how did we meet (when he was away from us)

We have been dating exclusively for 3 motnhs and last month he siad he is not yet ready to hang out with my friends and vice versa. he also said he has never bring a girl to firneds just for the sake of introduction. He only do that if there;s an coincident.


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  • What the hell? you do know that he doesn't have to take you to watch him play if he doesn't want others to meet you?


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  • I think that it is nothing big, He may just need some space and time because meeting friends for a girl can be a make or break point in a relationship. But if he still does this for another 2 or 3 months then create an accidental meeting and see how he responds?

    • He has met 2 of my friends but we all never hang out. He met them cos of coincident. Wasn't because of invitation.

      He hasn't invited me to hang out with his either. He has introduced me though.

    • Thats a good sign, he is probably frightened you might start liking his friends more than him. It is nothing to be worried about trust me! You are in a relationship with him not his friends so don't stress

    • Thanks for reassuring. Yea he did look a bit territorial when I was laughing with his friends.

      He can introduce me to his female friends if that's his worry? I don't know

      Anyway he had no trace of me on his Facebook. But recently he has improved. He tagged me in a post on his wall. Even there are 2 other friends he tagged but it's a first trace of me..

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