How does one not end up bitter?

Why is it girls suck the fun out of dating? Things going great then the games- ignoring you, not interested: not let you know and just vanish, trying to make you jealous etc. Hot and cold. So after years of crap and childishness, how does one not become bitter? I just want to find a girl to make happy. why do they make that so hard and frustrating?
Yup don't become bitter but no one can tell you how to deal with it.


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  • Because it's so much harder to make women happy. They are always dissatisfied about something


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  • You're already bitter. Try dating different types of girls. I for one do not play games and I find that men play those same games. I'm not bitter, I'm changing who I date.

    • Let's see, I've dated a teacher, a bartender, an actress, a secretary, a security guard, a student, an artist, a science major, a dental assistant, a cashier, a delivery person, and a childcare worker. All from vastly different backgrounds, 2 different races, from online, through friends, and meeting on the street. Different 'looks', different sensibilities, ranging in looks from a 4 to a ten. A couple of single mothers. Ranging in age from 23-41. All played games.
      Not sure where to find a different type from the array of people I have tried. Maybe nuns is where it's at. Haven't tried a nun.

  • So what's your ideal girl like then?

    • Simply a girl who dosen't play games.

    • They exist

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