Why do I keep having reoccurring dreams about this girl from a year ago?

Its a long story, but basically I went out to LA for an internship last summer (I am from Chicago area) and I met this awesome girl while I was there. We got along great, and basically everyone at my job knew we had a thing going on, some people encouraged it, others didn't really care, but I really liked her a lot, more so then any other girl I have met in my life. Unfortunately I chose not to pursue her, or tell her how I felt, because of the distance thing, and I think she was the same way, we never acknowledged the thing we had going, but everyone knew about it. I have talked to her a couple times since then but I dont have plans on seeing her in the near future. But lately (over the past 2 weeks) I have been having these crazy dreams about her. One of the dreams, all of my friends I made in LA came and visited me in Chicago (at my college), and we all went out to dinner, but then they all just disappeared and it was just me and this girl sitting at this giant table together. Another one she asked me on a date to some place in LA, but then ran off and started crying for an unknown reason. A third one she was in Chicago again and one of my friends (from college) told me she would set me up with the girl from LA, but then accidentally messed it up and the LA girl sadly went out with my other friends (but I wasn't invited). Its so weird that I keep dreaming of her, so long after I have seen her, why is this? I thought I got over her months ago, but now hear I am reminded of something I tried so hard to forget


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