Girls, how to do this?

The girl I started to date right now comes to me on Friday for a evening. We are going to watch some movie and drink beers. It will be our second official date. Probably she doesn't want to be seen as an easy girl so she informed me that she won't stay at night. I think she will finally stay, but it's not an issue.

When we will be lying on my bed I want to put my grey t-shirt on her. It would be quite possible if she stays at night and put shirt to sleep. However how to convince her if she stays only for few hours?


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  • That's really creepy for a second date...

    • The way we are going to spend evening or putting my t-shirt on her?

    • The obsession with the t-shirt, it's weird man. She's not your girlfriend yet, and there's no reason for her to wear your shirt.

    • What's wrong with that? It's a plessure for girl to wear t-shirt which is from guy she adores. Some of girls even wear them and show them proudly to another jealous female friends.

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