Is my best guy friend in love with me or not?

I've known this guy for over 4 years. We were in the same class in high school and became friends very soon. After almost 2 years, I feel for him but I said nothing to him as he's shy. A year after I developed feelings, he linked me with a common friend. I denied it. He then demanded to know who I had a crush on and I confessed it was him. He smiled a little but we never mentioned the topic again and continued as good friends for another year, till the end of high school. Coincidentally, we both got into the same college last month. We got even closer, being the only friends in a new place. We have a few classes together now. A few weeks back, he suddenly touched my leg with his, while sitting together in class. We do this almost everyday. However, he points out 'hot' girls on campus to me, seemingly interested in one girl in particular, though he's never spoken to her. Last week, I told him,'This tomfoolery has gone on long enough. Do you love me or not?' He blushed, and said,'I don't know. Questions like these ruin everything.' And things have continued just as before, with me hanging in the balance. What should I do? Is he leading me on? Or is he genuinely confused? Please help!


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  • i don't think he's intentionally trying to lead you on since you're really good friends, I think he's trying to let you know he doesn't like you


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