Guys, How do you think you would react if a woman (or your girlfriend) took you on a date?

If a woman/your girlfriend asked you out on a date say next Saturday. Next she showed up to the date in khaki pants and a button down shirt like how a man might dress for a date. Then she proceeds to open every door for you, pulls out your chair at the restaurant, maybe asks what you'd like on the menu and orders it for you (how some men order for their woman) and then pays the check too. Lets say if it's your girlfriend that you also go to the mall after eating and she offers to buy you things that she sees you looking at (a coffee/tea, piece of clothing, accessorie like a belt, a snack, etc.) and also carries all of your bags when you make purchases. Reactions?

Any other examples of things she could do like these to really change roles?


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