What would you do if your daughter who is a freshman in HS was dating a girl who is a senior?

By senior, I mean +65. LOL, jk


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  • I would have to have a serious talk with her and meet this senior girl to see her intentions with my daughter. I know many parents worry about their daughters being in hetero relationships with older guys for reasons of sexual pressure that can lead to pregnancy, disease, etc. Even though it's a relationship with another girl I still don't think a freshman is ready to be sexually involved with anyone, guy or girl, at the age of 14/15 and being with a older kid who's 17/18 it's more likely for them to be pressured.

    Not to mention a high school freshman and senior are in two totally different stages. A freshman is just getting into the swing of things and starting out their high school years. A senior is preparing to leave, usually applying for college, or planning their life after high school. Seniors are almost young independent adult where as fresh still have a little ways to go.

    As a senior she's closer to being "legal" if she isn't already and that can lead to problems when you're dating a 14/15 year old. I don't see anything wrong with them being friends, and the senior kind of acting as a mentor for the freshman, but an actual relationship needs to be questioned at that age.

    • I can see you'fe going to be a good mother. What if they're in a relationship but not having sex?

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    • This is an answer. I agree 100%

    • Well deserved!

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  • I wouldn't be two worried

  • Is that your fetish?

    • Where did this come from? No, people's sexual orientations are not a fetish.

  • That's distribution of child pornography, technically

    • No, it's not? It pretty much has NOTHING to do with this?

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  • kick her ass

  • Die... lol

    • *leaves flowers on your grave*

      R. I. P Anon...

    • thanks girl

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