Ex is liking basically EVERY other girl's pictures since we split? It's making me feel useless and unattractive?

I'm so angry with him. I know he's well within his rights to move on, but he's liked basically every other girls photos since just days after we split.

He always claimed to have loved me, but I just can't believe it now. Some of the girls are really attractive and some aren't quite as pretty as me.

But why on earth would he go on a phase like this?

Makes me feel horrible :/


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  • You broke up. You don't move on with your life by worrying about what your ex is doing, who he is liking, or how many girls he is screwing. Break up for real and move on.

    • That's a damaging way of moving on. Especially liking so many other girls photos, who he's probably also screwing as well.

    • You shouldn't be worrying about what he is doing to move on. He is your past, not your present, and not your future. In the meanwhile, you are stalking him to watch what he is doing. That is definitely not a healthy way of moving on. Focus on yourself and forget him.

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  • Because maybe he's desperate for some female attention he's just going off, any who don't look at it too deep, he may know you have him on whatever that you can see this, and hopes you do. Anyway delete him off of that you're better off x

    • Good point. He doesn't know I can see what he's liking. But one of the girls is just not his type, with lots of piercings and tattoos... Just exactly the kind of girl he wouldn't usually go for, and I guess that's what confused me.

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