ANY IDEAS to whether I SCared him or why is he being weird?

I sometime take transit with a guy to school. He is usually quiet around me and usually I try to keep the conversations going I mostly do the talking cause if I don't it gets quiet and awkard. He also confuses me like avoiding me at times then other times smiling and coming to sit with me on his own. Anyways last week I saw him after the summer break for the first time. He was with a friend so I stood to the side while waiting For my ride at the station. Him and his friend stood a bit to the front of me. I believe he knew I was there so he turned around and started smiling and said hi. So I went up to them and he introduced his friend and they started talking to me - I was surprised since he was way more talkative than usual. Well the next day I had to go early and I saw him at the Station waiting for his friend so as I walked by I said hi and asked if he was waiting for him. He said hi and nodded. The thing is he seemed surprised to see me and just a bit strange. Did I creep him out by being there? Why this strange behaviour. Ps we both are 20


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  • I don't think you creeped him out and I am not sure why you think you scared him. Also, his behavior was not strange.

    • Why Does he act so strange like quiet then talkative?

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