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I think there are a lot of similar questions asked on this particular subject. A brief history... I met a guy on a dating site and after a bit of chatting he asked me if I wanted to meet. Our first date was lunch and I thought the conversation and body language were good and we both indicated we were interested in meeting again. Our next date a week later was dinner and then drinks. We had a great time and after he looked at me very seriously before giving me a nice kiss. But this time there was no arrangements made for a third meeting. He'd been working out of town and wasn't sure of his schedule. There was little communication for a few days and I wondered if I'd been mistaken about how our date went. So I told him that I liked him and was interested in seeing him again. He said he wanted to see me too but didn't want to make plans that he might not be able to keep. Two weeks later another date and a a great second kiss and the promise of another meeting which happened 5 days later. Amazing date and he'd indicated he had no commitments until the next day which I took to mean I should invite him over after. As we sat in his car talking and kissing, I was too shy to ask him over. He has never said he likes me but... the way he looks at me is incredibly intense. I cannot imagine a man looking at a woman that way unless he likes her. But understand it did not feel overtly sexual. And he's barely touched me except to hug. And the kisses weren't deep. I finally left and we want our separate ways. I apologized by text for not inviting him and he said he would have loved to come over. And now he's working out of town and was only home for a day or so. My real problem is that there is always such sparse communication between meetings. Had you asked me right after the last date if I'd see him again, I'd have said "absolutely". But today, I don't know. He has said he's back in town on Friday and Saturday so I told him I was free. So now I wait and wonder. Any opinions?


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  • Why do some women use sites, and others don't? Even though both are single...


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  • Umm.. I don't want this to hurt, but from what I've read I've got the impression that
    He's dating another girl who he's more interested in. He definitely likes you but maybe he's dating more than just you and hasn't really decided who's gonna play out best yet.

    My advice would be to ask if you two are exclusive, and if not make it so! Say that if he wants to date you you only want him to be dating you, otherwise he should just stop now (you don't deserve to be treated like that). Good luck!

    • Thank you for you candid answer. I've also wondered, but the advice online regarding the "exclusive" conversation is so mixed. I'm older and new to dating and frankly am not enjoying the confusion. In all honestly, the idea that our feelings could be mutual is a large part of the attraction. If he doesn't feel the same, yeah it will hurt, but it won't be so difficulty to get over. If he arranges another date, I'll have "the talk". Thanks again.

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  • He could be really busy, I would wait a few days and see what happens and if nothing has happened I would text him and ask if everything is ok\ if he want to talk about anything that is stressing him out or is bother him

  • just wait it out.


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