His ex drama and now not talking to me?

The guy I am seeing's ex is saying that he was cheating on her the whole time with me & all this stuff.
It wasn't true & he honestly loved her, but what she is saying is getting to him.
He stayed over last night & we were cuddleing but in the middle of the night he threw me off & wouldn't let me touch him.
He's being weird & I feel physically sick.
When he left I sent him this message
Don't let it get to you, it will all be fine. I know you didn't want me anywhere near you but just know I'm here for you when & if you need...
Sleeping next to you at night is one of my favourite parts of the day but I know you need time & space right now, I hope you feel better soon xx"

He never replied. I have seen him in our dorm commonroom this morning, just acting friendly but so awkward & he hasn't communicated with me...


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  • Why is he taking this out on you? It seems to me if he was innocent it would bring him closer to you.


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