What should a guy know about a girl before dating them?

OK... just wondering.. but you guys have any questions I could ask this girl I'm talking to? like.. about her, anything I should know for ex. if she's slept with a guy or has any psychotic problems?.

thanks :)


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  • What makes her happy or makes her laugh? You may not be able to ask her straight out, but hang out with her and learn what it is. Because she's going to have her ups and downs, and when those downs come she'll need someone to cheer up. And that's something you can do. It's also good to know the rough spots she's been through, it may be hard for her to talk about it, but it'll probably bring you guys closer together. Or allow you to be friends, if she doesn't want to date. Find out what her idea of the perfect date is... The worst date she's been on and why so you don't make that mistake too. Her favorite color, candy, pop, food... all that good stuff. Has she cheated on someone? Breaken laws or anything? Has she ever cut or been suicidial? I think it's best to know as much as you can about someone before dating them... that way you don't make a mistake in dating someone that you find you didn't want to.


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