Girls, Do girls like shy guys?

Hi, I'm a 17 y/o senior in high school and I'm a shy guy. I've been shy and humble my whole life, and have always been quiet around people I don't know especially women. It's not like I don't like to talk, I talk a lot around people I'm comfortable with. My best friends are not afraid of talking to the ladies and have always had success with them. I always see ladies staring at me and even give me compliments but I just don't know how to act especially in my shy state of mind. All feedback is greatly appreciated thanks! :)


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  • Okay first things first. Most girls love shy mysterious guys. But what we don't like is a guy that can't react with them. Or say if you're walking in the half of school and a girl asks to prom. You could just shrug or say "See you there" and a smile. Nothing to big just 3 simple words. No one wants a guy that well never leave his shell. In others words image girls being your best friends. Just without the" bro" talk, small in the back, or talks about other girls. Good luck. Hope you found this useful

    • Appreciate the thorough response 😃

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  • I don't mind a shy guy

    • Thanks ☺️

    • I'm shy myself but I can open up and break a few shells open when needed. And when girls compliment you, try to compliment them back, or something. I think you know what I mean. Don't be too shy, but some shyness i think is more than okay. I don't know how to explain all of my thoughts to you and its kind of frustrating me in all honesty.

    • I appreciate the tip, and now understand the importance of breaking out of my shell now and then. Thanks again

  • Yeah, shy guys can be really sweet. And I'm shy too so I get it


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