What's the best way to approach my gf's new habit of smoking?

She never smoked until the last three months and it started as smoking while at the bar. It's common a lot of my friends male or female only smoke while they drink. I don't mind it when they do it but seeing her smoke bothers me cause I don't want to kiss a smoker and its more personal in my life now. I can't explain it but seeing her smoke around me just bothers me and she's addicted to tobacco.


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  • How about "I love you and it bothers me that you are smoking because I care about your health and I love your natural smell without the smoke" "I am not asking you to stop for me I am asking you to stop for yourself, I have never met a smoker who was happy that they got hooked"


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  • This is bad news. I don't even know why people start smoking these days. It's disgusting, expensive, and unhealthy. I wouldn't touch a cigarette even if I was drunk! You need to talk to her about it and tell her how you feel. She lived without it before, she can do it again. This will put a serious strain on your relationship if she doesn't give it up, or possibly end it altogether. This is no something you should just sit back and learn to accept. It's a shitty habit, and she needs to stop.

    I have no sympathy for smokers.

    • I am friends with a lot of smokers and I don't support it but I won't call them at the same time about how its bad and lecture them they know its not good. She's 21 its not like she was 14 and started young its a new habit. She told me when she has a few drinks a cig tastes like candy. No way it does lol if it tastes like it smells its not anything like candy.

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