Romeo and Juliet scenario?

I like a guy named Cory. His family and mine don't get along and his family is messed up and he doesn't get along with them (he knows it, and admits it) Multiple people have said he likes me too. He doesn't live near me and comes to where I live during the summer. We hang out a lot with his cousins and mine. I gave him a picture of me at the end of the summer. Recently was looking at his sisters twitter cause I was bored (no I'm not a stalker, I was really just bored, I promise) I found her and some of her tweets said things like how she found my picture. it also said "she's too weird for him though" and "i showed my whole family the picture and he said she's ugly, now everyone thinks he's gay" So I am wondering...would Cory my picture if he thought I was weird and ugly? I mean, wouldn't he just throw it away if he thought of me that way? or is he just trying to hide it from his family since our families don't get along?


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  • what end up going on?