Why are Indian guys CRAZY over Asian girls?

Every single Indian guy I know are batshit crazy over Asian girls. I don't even know why I am such an Indian magnet. They never go for Indian women, who I think are the most beautiful women in the world. I heard that they are OBSESSED with pale skin and won't marry women with darker skin when they have dark skin WTF? And what is of even worse is of those Indian men obsessed with Asian girls, is they pursue them relentlessly, and even stalk them.


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  • Why can't they go for what they like, everyone does

    • They expect pale skin and they are not pale themselves! The males hate darker skinned women when darker skinned women are beautiful!

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    • Why do they think they are out of reach when it appears that they are easy and confident with their body? They've put everything out on the market! Those perverted old fucks love women who appear younger than the look, modest, polite, naive, innocent or virginal. I NEVER attract guys my age that are attractive, or even if I do attract guys my age they are always Indian or Arab so I think I look ugly or something. It is ego deflating really.

    • Old creepy men go after insecure or shy looking young women because they think they are easier to manipulate the use as a sex toy. I don't care if you are young at heart or 18 at heart. GROW THE FUCK UP AND FIND SOMEONE YOUR AGE, OLD PERVERT.

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  • Lol I'm least attracted to Asian girls. I've even mentioned that quite a few times on here in race related questions. But last time I checked, Indian guys were more obsessed with white girls and Latinas than Asian girls. And what makes you think Indian guys don't like Indian girls? Majority including me prefer South Asian girls than any other girls. Thing is, the dating pattern of Indian girls is strict. If they date, they either go for tall, light skinned, or rich Indian guys and if they can't find any of these type of guys then they don't date Indian guys at all. While the other Indian girls just wait for arranged marriage to whichever guy who's settled and making bank. These are the reasons why many Indian guys try to look for non Indian girls since their options in Indian girls are extremely limited. And last I checked, dark skinned Indian guys have it worse with Indian girls than dark skinned Indian girls with Indian guys.

    Anyways, I find it really assuming that it's completely acceptable for white and black men to pursue women outside of their race but if Indian men do it, it's like the worst thing ever. Like how could we be crazy to even think of attracting a girl of another race. Nowadays, I don't even believe when a lot of girls say that all the Indian guys they have met are really creepy. One example I heard of was one white girl who went out with her friends to clubs. She talked to guys the whole night and in the end when she talked to Indian guys, her friends pulled her away and took her home by saying "we have to go". Then in the car, her friends kept complaining and saying how those Indian guys were being very creepy and bothering her even though she was saying they weren't at all but being very friendly and talking about school related stuff. So yeah, when it comes to Indian guys I've noticed girls tend to exaggerate a lot.

    • find it really amusing*

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    • I don't like white men. I strongly prefer Asian men, especially Chinese. I don't date outside my race because different cultures are hard to assimilate and that it's too different. I am also attracted to Chinese men because they have softer features, and are intelligent especially with finances. But you know China has the most population in the world, and I have been to China. None of the men acted like this at all. I was never harassed by any of the Chinese men. They were respectful.

    • Lol and I've been to China too and stayed there for a while. China is a developed country unlike India plus not to mention it's a Communist country so the harassment and everything will be low. I've lived both in India and in China for years and you know what, I have seen Asian men hitting Asian women couple of times in public before but never saw that happening in India in public. If China was a democracy like India and not as developed as India, I bet China would also have high number of creeps acting out on activities such as harassing and raping women and also having just as high, if not higher number of creeps on the Internet. I don't even know why you brought China up considering I mentioned that India has such high number of creeps because it is the most populated democracy with a population of over a billion. And you not liking white men doesn't change the fact that there are more Asian women with white man obsession and fetish than Indian men with Asian women fetish.

  • cause indians are asian?

    • No they aren't. I am mentioning PALE son Koreans including Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. What about Russians? They are part of Asia does this make them ASIAN? NOPE. if Indian was Asian, how come there is an "Indian" classification? What about Japanese, Koreans and Chinese?

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    • people aren't rational in their desires. its in our nature to want the best.

    • YES. I know
      Also how am old, perverted man wants a young, sexy wife in her late teens. It's unfair. I don't know why I seem to attract Indians, Arabs or old men. It's unfair! I never attract the ones I like!

  • Asians and Indians smell like food due to the spices they use in them, and they both fart a lot. That is why.


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