Guys I Have A Question For You Should I Be Worried? Guys Need your help please?

So Guy asks me for a new start (we are long distance), He has messaged me everyday since, has called me darling a few times, and wants to see me, Yesterday I recieved a message but this time he called me by my first name, he asked how I was, and what have I been upto? I thought I would make a joke, as he said in the past he likes my sense of humour, so I replied, ooh not much just been skydiving haha, what have you been upto, and got this reply from him, ooh cool I bet was fun, happy for you. Should I be worried, by his reply, has he changed his mind, and doesn't want a new start now, and guys what does it mean when a guy says he wants to take it slow, what would the reason be?


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  • I wouldn't be to worried about his reply but this take things slow bullshit is something one says to another as a ruse to not scare the other away. It's a total lie regardless who says it

    • Do you really think so? Do you think if he's messaging daily, that he really is serious about a new start?

    • That's a good sign

What Girls Said 1

  • you should leave him!

    • May I ask why you think that?

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