I have been dating a guy for just over a month, we just started sleeping together. I really like him a lot, now I am afraid of being hurt. Do I tell?

I don't want to ruin a good thing with fear from the past. How do I overcome this and not be overcome by this fear of getting hurt. He is a really good guy.
  • Tell him I feel afraid of getting hurt.
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  • Don't tell him I am afraid of getting hurt?
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  • Then your not ready obviously. Take it slow, but if you are afraid of getting hurt then why even date a guy period? The time of healing is not for dating but to focus on moving on and bettering yourself. But thats none of my business.


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  • Say it in a calm and logical way. Don't come a rooms as a scary cat. Be mature about it


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  • i would say don't tell him.. i have logic and reason behind it but hate typing..

  • Honesty makes things way easier :)


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