Advice on how I can supress my feelings?

I know it my not be the healthiest thing to do, but I would love some advice. This guy and I fell in love with each other, immiedtetly, it was nothing like we have ever felt before, but we can't be together because of his strict family and their religious views. (They will disown him) It has not been easy; for the both of us, to shake off the impact we felt and still feel. It's been five months. Regardless, i need to suppress them somehow and I'm not sure how. Any advice?


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  • You can suppress your feelings by staying busy and going out having fun and enjoying life. Don't be sad or depressed over something you can't have. Also go out and date again. Its not the end of the world. Their is plenty of guys out their for you to date.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you really like each other, you should go against their wishes. Why would you give up?

    • I thought the same. Why give up right? This is something special, it's worth exploring. It took us so long to find somebody that made us feel the things we did. We found everything we ever wanted in anther person... in eachother. But, he is constantly on and off with what he wants to do. Last thing he said to me was "this won't end well". He knows he really doesn't KNOW that but it was after this where I thought why am I fighting? He isn't. I'm not going to anymore. He didn't choose me. at least I won't have regrets.

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