Girls, where will this end?

About three weeks ago I met this amasing girl. She is funny, smart, curious, has all these really cool ideas and projects, and absolutely gorgeous.
Shortly after we hung out the first time we made started making out, and that has led to several 3rd base encounters (we are trying to hold off on the home run for now).
Not only that, but I have been helping her with renovating her home, installing plumbing, drilling holes, etc. She invited me out to a friends' bday, and we have gone out for several coffees and meals.

To sum it up, though she is working very hard, she told me that when we are together she has no stress or worries. Last night when I walked away from her place she would not turn around until i was out of sight.
She cares about me, she has said that much, and I care about her. We have fun together. And though we are yet to go "all the way", what we have done have been spectaular~

But I will be moving to a different country at the end of this year, and she wants something stable. Not only that, but she said she is just way too busy to get into any kind of relationship now~
What is she really thinking? Is she scared, hurt, playing games? All of the above?
Should I just keep it casual for now and see what (if anything) happens? Is she trouble and should I bail now?

Feel free to ask more questions~


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  • When a girl wants to be with someone she doesn't make excuses.. And a girl who really wants to be with you won't be too busy for a relationship... she saud so herself that when she's with you she has no stress or worries... so where us the problem? she's stringing you along because it's easier and she's afraid of losing you but she wants to keep her options open
    Hope this helps!

    • "... she's afraid of losing you but she wants to keep her options open."
      Yep, makes perfect sense.
      Get the same feeling as well. I think I'm just gonna stop contacting her, and then it is up to her. If she wants to see me again, she'll make contact.
      But if it meant nothing in the end, then it's better that I make a clean break.

    • Im glad you're being strong and mature about this... always remember... if you love her set her free.. if she comes back, she's yours.. Else she never was :)

  • You have come to a crossroads, you may not think it now but come the end of the year when you are due to move you will have and this crossroads is what will define your life.

    Continue seeing her and risk falling in love, both of you. I think the makings are there so its up to you but worst case you can always try long distance, it does work if you live the person.


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