Hoe to talk to girls?

how to talk to girls. I'm shy I don't how to start I convention. I'm afraid to say the wong thing an her not to talk to me.


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  • it is important to be yourself and remember that everyone messes up and if she's the type of girl who would judge or laugh at you for something like that she's not worth your time haha stay positive about yourself

    • Do u think ur worth ma time anon cutie 😚

    • @Keyspirits i have a boyfriend thanks, also when texting maybe try to spell/type actual words x

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  • Copy paste incoming

    "Look, man you don't make FRIENDS, they MAKE you. So when it comes to girls just talk to them like you would a guy. Don't FORCE anything NOR put yourself in an unnatural situation. Such as the "Cold approach" like you said before because she might take it as you're trying to be "more than just friends".

    Think about it how did you make most of your MALE friends? You probably didn't' walk up to them and introduce yourself. More times than not you sat next to them in class, play sports in the gym with them, traded Pokemon card etc. Over time y'all learned a little more and more about each other (Names came naturally within that timeframe somewhere), right

    Same goes for women BUT with them You usually let SMALL TALK turn into big talk as I like to call it. Could be because she asked to use your phone, for some snacks, what's your name (barely happens) etc. Overall man, it's not had because more times than not you and *insert girls name here* are going to interact with each other somehow. So capitalize on it (Make her remember our name ^_^ ) and she'll come back daily to joke around with you LOL" Cope Paste is over

    Think about this for a moment "what sets a girl apart from 1 of your homeboys", nothing, right? So what I'm basically telling you is this "need to talk to them as if they were 1 of ya homies", ya know as in "not showing them any special treatment" and talking about whatever comes to mind.

    If done right, you're going to hear the girl say "__ you're so easy to talk to " or "OMG I feel like I can talk to you about anything__" LOL #HappensAllIOfTheTimeIRL for me especially when a girl is describing me to someone else ^_^. But that only happens when you aren't trying to FAKE in front of that girl by being something that you're not OR lying about god knows what to her since most girls have a BS detector the size of Canada i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text.gif

    • Say whatever comes to mind + try not to KISS HER ASS... and ya should be good bruh!!! ^_^

    • That whole thing was a copy/paste of mine from another question (forgot to say that.. so take what applies to you and abandon the rest)

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  • Skill talk to 10 new girls every day


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