Does anyone else feel like this sometimes?

Like when you're with the person you enjoy their time and presence and then a day or two of not seeing eachother you either start feel doubtful and think this isn't the one but then turns out you just miss them alot?


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  • Used to happen to me years ago, but not anymore. I'm a lot more practical now, and usually take life and people as they come!


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  • Yup! I completely get it... don't worry it's absolutely normal... We have an internal need of appreciation and a need for attention. When the need is fulfilled we start hoping for more.. Rather better.. So after a good time your need is fulfilled so the next few days when you're not seeing each other.. The doubs start crawling in. But again "the need" so hence you miss that person and crave the attention again..
    So chill out... be happy with yourself :):)


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  • YES wow I thought I was the only one


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