By making you poor, how attractive does that make you vs the person who is wealthy?


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  • If you are unattractive, money doesn't make you more attractive. For either sex. They are just into your money. They are not into you a person.

    • To some, but woman are prone to be into your money and that is a deciding factor for them. Money can buy surgery. Also people are judged by the amount of money they have and woman do the most judging of men There so this means money does have an attractive affect if you are substantially wealty. The most desirable woman go to the highest bidder.

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    • I did not take the time to organize a well written structure from a draft as you did into paragraphs.

    • You organized my thoughts into well organized paragraphs of you're thoughts easy for me to dwelve into where you're question relies. Well done smarty pants.

      It's one reason for poverty because of the BELIEF. Also this belief is fact for some people. This BELIEF is reason for people to want to be wealthier then another leading to a reason for poverty.

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  • For guys doesn't factor in much if at all.

    For women on the other hand being wealthy and poor can bring you up at most 4 points on the attraction scale (/10).

    • I disagree, because part of that factor, parents are included. Usually they are the culprits to poverty.

    • 😂😮, what's, the photo with sexual innuendo picture for?

    • What I was getting at was that you are kept poor so that the wealthy has more desirable woman to choose from.

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  • don't think it makes u attractive bro but if ur poor just be urself an as long as ur cool being u then np

    • Well it makes getting any woman of my choosing much easier since they are simply prone to trying to be worthy to a man that can provide for them a luxurious lifestyle so much they become easy to maintain that lifestyle in hopes of keeping it.

    • Hence a man with more money has an advantage in attaining the most desirable woman because they desire what he has.

    • This is one reason for poverty.

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