Who's opinion is more reliable?

When you're asking a question about a guy that you like, would a guy's opinion be more reliable than a girl's opinion or are they the same? Thanks heaps for answering! :)


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  • It's not directly about sex or gender. It has to do with a conflict of "interest."

    You can get a dishonest and biased opinion from both a guy and a girl, depending how their own interest aligns with the advice you're seeking.

    For example, if the guy whose opinion you're asking for, also happens to secretly like you, then you're not going to get an honest and unbiased answer.

    Additionally, if the girl whose opinion you're asking for, happens to be jealous of you, or happens to feel insecure as a result of you asking her that question, or has strong beliefs about men and relationships and your question is just another opportunity for her to vocalize and self-affirm those beliefs (and indulge in the fantasy that she is potentially influencing your own opinions on this issue in a way that's consistent with her own interests), then you're also likely to get a dishonest and biased opinion.

    In court, you may hear witnesses being asked questions like:

    - Are you employed by the defendant?
    - Are you related to the defendant?
    - Does the defendant owe you money?
    - Do you have a negative history or bad relationship with the defendant?
    - Do you like the defendant?
    - Where you sexually involved with the defendant?
    - Did the prosecution offer you a plea deal in exchange for your testimony?
    - You're being paid a lot of money to give your "expert" opinion here today, correct?

    The "answer" to these questions is irrelevant. In fact, the more a witness tries to wiggle out of or evade answering (i. e., like a politician running for election and in a debate), the more the jury just listens to the question (and confirms that the implication of that question is probably true).

    What is called into question is "bias."

    Emotionally, this just means that there's a "conflict" of "interest" between "the truth" (which depends on the information the witness gives), and "the witness's interests" (which may be bettered or compromised depending on what opinion or information he or she gives).

    In an "ideal" world, you want a "disinterested" and "unbiased" witness. Interest may not always be there, but "bias" almost always is. People cannot fight "bias," because it's literally "who they are," it's what's shaped their personality and the reason they've developed into the person they are today.

    Giving an "opinion" that cuts against those internal systems of beliefs that shape one's personality would cause emotional distress, so the "honesty" of opinions has its limitations.

    • All else constant, however, I would personally trust male opinions regarding "feelings" more than female opinions regarding feelings, because men have a smaller "amygdala," so the level of emotional distress, discomfort and pain that men experience from being emotionally "honest," even if it cuts against their core set of beliefs that compose their baseline personality, is less (i. e., the emotional "cost" of giving an honest opinion closer to the emotional truth is "less" - and therefore, more likely, with men).

      If I want an "accurate" recollection of facts, all else constant, I would prefer to ask a female, because the area of their brains responsible for retention of long-term memory is much larger compared to the male brain, so a female is more likely to, not just remember, but to remember "accurately" and in "more detail" than a male.

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  • Well it depends. If the guys you're asking are really close to this guy you're asking the question about then be careful... they tend to over sell their friend. I'd suggest ask people who he isn't too close to but not girls who may either have a thing for him or against him :P
    Eventually it doesn't matter if you ask a girl or a guy. The proximity of his or her relationship with this guy matter
    Hope this helps :)


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  • generally the best opinion is going to be from the gender you're asking about.

  • Go for guys on everything. Serious.


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