Girls, why do girls go back to abusive/ controlling guys who don't treat then right?

Just curious.. some dudes treat girls like absoloute garbadge , clown them on social media.. be little them , make them feel like sluts for what they've done in the past.. or dudes they may have slept with when they are single..

Why even go back to such a disrespectful dude?


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  • Because love is blind.
    It's really not as simple as it sounds like you think it is. Often times the girl will know in the back of her mind that he shouldn't be treating her like that, but in many cases she'll be willing to overlook his flaws to the point that it works negatively in her favour.

    Why are you so concerned with that, though, assuming you're a 'nice' guy?

    • Because I met a nice girl , who had got out of a "long term" relationship.. I don't know if you can consider me a "rebound" or not but I mean she had to start somewhere right? she claimed she's done with him.. I suppose she was mentally trying to move past him , she ended getting really into me. Opened up and trusted me but at the end of the day it just hurt to know that I would never reach that status that he has with her.. like I would never have your heart. They talk as far as I know but you just see him posting disrespectful things over social media , and her just kind of responding it but taking the hits... if that makes sense. Like even though she's "OVER" this guy emotionally it's just like are you ever gonna leave him alone? stop lurking his shit? stop waiting to see if he's gonna get out of his relationship and take you back or reach out to "fix things"

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    • hearing the references is one of the hardest parts (on my birthday last year we went here , oh last Christmas we walked her..) it's just like are we in a relationship or am I a continuation of your last relationship you know? It's also hard to stomach that he still has so much emotional power over her , something he tweets can honestly probably ruin her day or at least get her thinking about him, or thinking she is undeserving of love or that she just isn't good enough... it's tough for both parties for sure.

    • yeah unfortunately it's not easy for either person. Sorry for all the comparisons to my own situation but my boyfriend's last relationship also ended with cheating so I know how it feels from both sides. Shortly after we got together he'd bring her up a lot, saying a person on TV looked like his ex to a t, showing me where she lived, restaurants they went to as we drove by, etc.. To the point that I just straight up said I'm not down to be the third wheel in a relationship. That if he's not over her yet, to let me know.
      It got better with time. So let your girl know how you feel, that you understand by but would appreciate if she kept remarks about him to a minimum. It'll hopefully get better with time as well. :)

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