Should I take the house or not?

I found a roo but i have to share the kitchen and shower and washingmachine with a female. I haven't met her yet so i dont know how she is... what if i can't stand to live with her... what will happen then? should i keep searching for something else?


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  • It'd have been better to at least see or talk with your to-be house mate before accepting the offer.

    • yeabut she wasn't there we landlord showed me the room

    • Did you ask the landlord about her behaviour? For example, is she a good tenant? Does she pay her rents on time? Have has the landlord had any issues with her? Who is she? How old is she? What does she do? These are questions you must be provided answers. Pose those questions to the landlord before accepting the offer.

    • he said she is a student

  • Actually, take it but don't stop searching.


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