Why is it so hard for me to get over him?

We never dated and I've only known him for a month but for some reason I can't stop thinking about this one guy... Things seemed to be going so well between us. We went on two dates and had lots of fun but then all of a sudden he started ignoring me, which I believe is my fault cause I didn't show enough interest. I have a tendency to push people away when they get too close so I'm guessing that's what happened this time as well. Usually I don't really care cause I try not to get too attached but the fact that he's ignoring me drives me crazy. He's the first guy to ever do that and it seems that despite my attempts to not get too close I developed some feelings for him. Otherwise I wouldn't care so much, right? I've never dated anyone or even had a crush so I don't know what to do in this situation. How do I get over it? I tried asking him why he's ignoring me but he just denied it and went back to ignoring me... :(


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  • You should talk to him, give him attention.
    A girl did this exactly to me, she showered me with attention and non verbal signs that she liked me but i ignored her like plague.
    And now, she talks to someone on phone to make me jealous, now i realise what i have lost,
    i started talking to her now , she feels so happy and as if she won me... she is always smiling and keeps the conversation going when we are talking,
    talk to him... its your gut feeling telling you to trust him...

    • I did give him attention but he just keeps ignoring me. I'm not the clingy type of girl who'll send text after text if I don't get an instant reply. I sent him a text a week ago in response to his previous message but he still hasn't replied... I'm not gonna make myself look desperate and beg for his attention, that's not who I am.

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    • Its a trick, people once show interest and then back off to see how you react,...
      you saw my question? thats exactly what that girl did as well like your guy is doing...
      what we had to do was show him/her interest...
      now u play that golden rule... if he is really interested in you he will make a move on u, otherwise he is not interested anymore or he found another girl...
      anyhow its not your loss, because if a guy who can forget you so easily, he is really a player or not a good guy... or his feelings for u were not real...
      because when u really like a person, u cannot forget him so quickly... :)

    • Ok, it's been 3 weeks already so I guess he's not interested anymore. Thanks for the advice :) I should probably just move on...

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