Silent treatment?

There's this guy I've been crushing on for about 2 months now. Long story short, I ran into him at the store the other month, we started talking more, flirting, hanging out, etc. It all went great, we both liked eachother, there were cuddles and neck kisses.
Then he suddenly rejected me via text the other week by saying that he realized he only was physically attracted to me, he didn't feel the emotional attachment, and he felt bad because I was already in a (LD) relationship. He said he really didn't want to lose me as a friend, so we agreed to still be friends. There wasn't anymore flirting after that, but we do still hang out about once a week.

I broke up with my LD boyfriend 6 days ago because I didn't feel the spark anymore, and because I still liked my 'friend'. My 'friend' knows I'm single now, and we kept on talking like normal. He flirted with me some the other day though. Yesterday he said he'd text me after work, and he didn't. I texted him this morning jokingly saying "Hey thanks for texting me back yesterday :P 'Preciate it". His response was "Yeah sorry haha I had to go to sleep as soon as I got home because I'm working on the stage crew at festival nearby" (not gonna state the actual name of the festival for privacy reasons). I understood so we had a delayed response conversation for about maybe 2 hours, then he never replied back. I logged into facebook to do my daily browse through the feed and I seen that he was tagged in his dad's photo with another girl. Mind you she does probably work on the stage crew too, and she's not even from this state so I'm not really worried about that too awful much, but she is single.

I'm really hoping that if me and this guy keep talking/hanging out, he'll actually like me for me, not just for my looks. But this whole not texting back thing bothers me. I'm definitely not sending another text, as I don't want to appear "needy". Should I just give him the silent treatment for a few days to make him text me first?


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  • well, i've never been in a relationship, but i'm pretty good at giving advice so bare with me and i'm gonna be pretty honest...

    so i'm not gonna lie, i'm gonna side with the guy about only liking you for your looks. and at least he had the decency to restrain himself when he knew that you were already in a relationship (even though it was failing).

    as for the not texting back, that's probably whatever. i have friends that don't text back 3 quarters of the time or take a week to text me back half the time. it's a crapshoot. that's why i call my friends when i want shit done. as for the Facebook thing, it's a picture. if he put it up, then ok, maybe. but it was a tag. and usually, people take pictures with friends.

    also, giving someone the "silent treatment", especially guys is stupid. if i don't hear from you for a few days, it's because you're doing your own thing. i will text or call you if i need something, want to tell you something that you're interested in or want to ask you to do something with me. but guys generally don't text people for the sake of talking. making him talk to you first isn't gonna make him like you more because he's the one that seems needy.


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