Yesterday I received a picture for another girl which I don't know, of my girlfriend holding hands with another guy at her school, what should I do?

I showed it to my girlfriend and she said that she was going for talk to me about it and told me that he had come up and grabbed her hand and she got scared and didn't know what to do. The girl that sent it to me doesn't like my girlfriend. I have also seen messages between my girlfriend and the guy and they guy calls her baby which really pissed me off, he has also commented on a picture I put on Facebook of her, saying that she is all his, my girlfriend said that he was just trying to break us up, this type of thing has happened before
  • Break up with her
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  • Believe her and Give her another chance
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  • break up with her!


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  • So she's holding a guys hand in a photo, she says she was scared and didn't know what to do. Look at that picture does her face say she is scared, confused, or does it say something else?

    • I can't tell the picture was take when they were walking away

    • Well considering what's going on with facebook, it doesn't seem like she's pushing him back. That is a danger sign right there dude

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