Boy help!!! please?

So I started this new school. And there's these twins, lets call them boo and ba, so I like boo.
Does he like me though? So only a few friends know about my crush. Boo and I share baisically all our classes together. And share a lot of favourite things Normally if I like a guy I would talk first, but he talks first. Not always but most of the time out of know where he'll come up with random shit. But its really cute. He literally is the only boy who has given me butterflies when he's near me or we're talking. And does he like me back? Is he just joking? Should I wait for him and keep casually talking? Look, I secretly want one of my friends to see if he likes me back. So we can be together but, they probably won't. Please help!!! Ask for more details if you want. Also if he doesn't like me, just as a friend if course in gonna be sad. But ill keep him as a friend.


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  • just be yourself and im sure he will like you.


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  • If he goes out of his way to initiate talking to you, then odds are he likes you as well. Maybe you should ask him out or something.

    • I don't want to ask him out because. 1. He might not like me, and it might ruin our current friendship. And I will make a fool out myself.
      2. I have had 5 boyfriends all my life, every single one I asked them. All of them turned to shit because they were pressured to go out with me.

      3. He will probably think I'm a creepy stalker if I mention like, gfs and bfs and dates and stuff.

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