Signs of nervous tics on a guy?

I notice this guy moves he's head in a weird way when he talks to me I have see him talk to other girls but he acts normal around them he also looks at the floor when I'm talking to him or he would look away for a few minutes and when I talk to him he would look me straight in the eyes.


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  • Signs of nervousness

    • I know what tics are. lol or you are saying he's acting like that because he's nervous?

    • U said it urself that he wasn't like that when talken to others. Does he looks down and away with others too? Compare his behaviors towards u and his friends and u wil find yo answers 👌🏼

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  • Are there other indications that he likes you? I think you're over-thinking things.

    • he's always looking at me and he smiles and he's valways NY me and around me and when I talk to a guy he stays close by.

    • He is interested then.

    • I know he's introvert and it takes him a lot to even say hi.

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  • he probably likes you.


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